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Please contact Jacquie Pearson at 303-880-1415 or jacquiepearson@yahoo.com with questions.



Chatfield 2017 Youth Tryouts (please register on line)

All Tryouts are at Chatfield HS



Saturday, August 26th 2017


7th-8th grade Boys 4-5:30pm

2nd-4th grade Boys 5:30-7pm

5th-6th grade Boys 7-8:30pm



2nd-5th grade Girls NO Tryout needed, teams will be formed

6th-8th grade Girls Teams have been formed and notified

Please bring a reversible jersey, basketball and a water bottle.


When you register you will see a fee of $225 ($210 for 2nd - 4th grade).  This is the fee for the Jefferson County Basketball Conference and practice time.  NOTE:  The price increase is directly related to the JEFFCO school district increasing facilities costs 40-86%!!!


Teams who will be playing Gold Crown (GC), or GC and in the Jefferson County Conference will incur additional fees that will be determined by the number of players on the team.  


For a team ONLY playing in Jefferson County Basketball Conference for the Winter season the total fee is what you are asked to pay at registration.  


Players needing Jerseys will have uniform costs ($25 for a jersey) that are NOT included in the original fees collected.


If you have a team of kids who want to play together - we can do that!  Please call 303-880-1415


We want to make sure that every child who wants to play on a Chatfield Team has the chance to do so.  Please forward this to your friends and neighbors - Let's spread the word!




Teams Playing in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference:

2nd - 4th grade teams 10 games between November 28th and February 18th  ($210)

5th - 8th grade teams 12 games between November 28th and February 18th  ($225)

The season ending tournament for the top 8 teams in each division is February 20-24th.

Games can be any day BUT Sunday and can be as far north in Jefferson County as Standley Lake HS and as far South as Chatfield HS

Teams typically practice twice per week.  But, depending on coach and the game schedule can only practice once.

Uniforms are extra

CLICK HERE to go to the JPSports Winter League Information Page


Teams Playing in the Gold Crown League

5th - 8th Grade 12 games between January 13th and February 18th with 2 additional playoff games 

Games are typically played on Sundays at High Schools all over the greater Denver Metro Area

Gold Crown Costs vary from team to team depending on the number of players.  League Fees, Practice Gym Rental and game gym rental is computed and divided by the total players on the team.  You will be provided a cost breakdown once fees are calculated.  

Uniforms and additional tournaments are extra


Teams Playing in BOTH the Jefferson County Basketball Conference and Gold Crown will incur the $225 Jeffco fee plus the league fee and game gym fee for Gold Crown.  (no practice time amount is alloted for GC when you play in the Jefferson County Basketball Conference).



Contact:  Jacquie Pearson 303-880-1415 or jacquiepearson@yahoo.com with questions.